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New Ink Delivery “Top-stick”


The GT-Jets first ink delivery was modeled after the Scitex 1” series solution: a collapsible bottle with a punch-through nipple.

We have decided to change it for the following reasons:
1. The ink-out alarm was not good enough because the alarm came when there was no more ink in the bottle. A level sensor is needed.
2. Customers managed to break the nipples thereby producing vacuum errors. It is important to avoid leaks in DOD systems.
3. Cost of collapsible bottles. Why not use original bottles ?

There is an upgrade path for old systems. However, besides the hardware, new software has to be loaded in the inkjets. A technical note will describe the change.


The new ink delivery solves above issues and is sturdier.

The top does not have to screwed, little mechanical handling is needed to change the ink bottle.

We can use the original bottles.

The sensor is used to detect the ink level inside the bottle. It changes its state when there is little ink left in the tank. This rest of ink can be poured into the next bottle.