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Needed from Videojet SR50


I have an old Videojet SR50. What do I need to order from Videojet to make it work with the GT controller ?

Disclaimer: nothing in this note does necessarily apply to all different types of these inkjets out in the field. Please ask local Videojet representatives to confirm for each individual SR50.

Description SR50 – DOS-PC

The SR50 was originally developed by Elmjet Plc, in Cambridge, England. Graph-Tech was one of the first companies to develop an external interface to this printer.

The first SR50 were delivered with a DOS controller. On this controller, one could control the inkjet (start the jets, phase, etc), make a label (laborg), and even run from a file as a stand-alone addressing unit.

Head detector and shaft encoder connect to a photocell and a shaft encoder placed on the line. The other is a cable that runs from a DOS PC (DSUB 15 pin) to the MIL plug labeled Computer in the SR50.

If this is your case, you have to order from Videojet:
1. External Interface Cable. Part No. ??? (Atlantic Zeiser AZ HEA 8000072102)
I do not know if the cable is a separate part number but if you order 385015, PrintPro SR Interface, it contains the cable.
2. 11041-DD-5 Link Adaptor Board. One can use the one that was in the DOS PC or order. The serial No. of one I have in my hands is 030270012CS, E11041PLU REV. D.
3. RS232 upgrade, Part No. 11648. Patch cable, part No. 11666 PL (11667PL) RS232 Interface Upgrade Kit.
4. A 2nd TRAM, if you haven’t bought it already, if you want to run faster or with more graphics. Part No. ??? 84033SK 4MB Tram
5. Layout software (ImagePro), if you haven’t bought it already. Part No. ??? 19250SW

Videojet also says that the transputer board (where the RS232 and the TRAMs fit onto) Part No. 11839PL must be there. That depends on the age of the SR50.

After the Update, one does not need any more the DOS controller. In fact, all signals (print-go or product detect, encoder signal, and the information itself) come through the external interface cable. TAKE AWAY the old encoder and product detect cables.


1. Make sure the old Videojet PC boots and runs the SR50. That it works, if doesn’t work there it is not going to work with the GT controller !
2. Set the address in the link adaptor board (see GT’s engineer reference manual in every controller) and plug it in. (Address, JP2 open, JP3 and JP4 closed, 10 MHz)
3. Set the jumpers and resistance according to GT’s engineer reference manual in every controller.
4. Connect the cable between the RJ45 print-go assigned and the transputer board DB9 connector.
5. Connect the cable between the link adaptor board and the biggest military connector on the SR50. The Print is DB15 to DB15. Do not try to make cables yourself, it is 5V signals, buy them from Videojet !
6. Take the program labeli2.btl from the original PC (C:\PTR\TC2V0\LABELI2.BTL) and put it into D:\EditorGT\runtime\inkjets\printpro and give it the name (it would labeli2.pp if it was a print pro). Labeli2.btl is actually the program that is downloaded to the SR50 when the boot button is pressed. You can also try a collection of labeli that come with every controller.
7. Take the file p4text.lab from the original PC (C:\PTR\P4\P4TEXT.LAB) and put it into D:\EditorGT\runtime\inkjets\printpro and give it the same name.
8. Make sure you enter rational parameters and boot the SR50. If there is communication, you will see Software Version and Status. If does not boot, go back to 1.

Refer to Videojet manuals and “ImagePro Quickie” in every controller for further reference on how to do labels. Above, you see the default path for the ImagePro.

Set the link adaptor address (0000 is all switches off), one different for every SR

Videojet Cable Pinout (make sure every cable is there, especially Reset, Analyze, Error):

The PrintPro Cable is straight-through DSUB15