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Need to know to quote


I need to print a text and a barcode on a sheet or I need to print 8” or letter-format of print. Can I do that with your printing system ?
What is the cost ?

Answer: you have given a lot of information (print width 8”, probably porous paper, etc) but we need more information.

What we need to know to asses the viability, or basic information


Basic information:

1) What is the final product ?
Please send us a PDF or a photograph of the product. Make sure you tell the direction of the product with an arrow.
Say if it is simplex (one side only) or Duplex.
Depending on the layout of the product, we might use a regular controller or, in the case of PDF work-flow, a server farm. It is important to define the product to be printed !

2) On what machine will the substrate run ?
Please send us a PDF or a video of the machine, when it starts, stops. You and we have to make sure that the transport works with our inkjets.

3) What is the substrate speed in meters per minute or feet per minute ?
Every system goes up to a certain speed, we’d like to know the maximum speed.

4) What is the product rate in products per hour ?
Every system has a limit in throughput, please tell us the max. product rate.

5) How many products to be printed a month, a year ?

6) What is the substrate ? Please send us samples
Remember to tell us all about the substrates you want to print. This way, we can determine the appropriate ink, the drying or curing method, etc.

7) Has the customer have experience with inkjets ?
What kind of systems is the customer using now ?
What kind of training do the people have?

8) Machine, towers, dryers, UV lamps ?
Graph-Tech sells print systems.
Who is doing the mechanical upgrades ?
Do they have inkjet experience ? Remember that 600 dpi calls for 43 micrometer accuracy.
Do you have dryers or UV lamps ?

9) New or refurbished equipment ?
Graph-Tech might have refurbished equipment.

Please save the answer to these questions with:
– Customer name
– Project name