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Multiply Print Gos Reader


With one trigger coming in, I have to print 3 records from the database with the inkjet, trigger 3 times the camera, trigger 3 times a trackout…

How do I do this?

You use the Multiply Print Go option! This option must be activated in the license file.

As for now, you cannot use synch points to trigger cameras or inkjet in this mode. Rather, you have to put another shaft encoder and product detect if there is slippage and you need resynch.

What if I want to print 3 times on a sheet but only read/match one number per sheet like Digimarc?


Go to the job of the first product detect, you set the product distance normal but the product length a bit shorter. Then define multiple product detect.

Very Important:

You set the distance to 100 for the first additional trigger. This is because you measured on your product 100 mm as the exact distance between the 2 numbers. Now, if you have to correct to 102 to work, you are taking the wrong approach!
You have instead to go to the shaft encoder, and change the pulses per meter by 2%.

What if I want 2 x 3 up?

Just go to fileview and double the record size. That is, if the record size was 30, just declare it as 8 and in the layout paint 121 and 122 above. This works only with fixed length records.

What if I want to print 6 times on a sheet but only read/match one number per sheet?

The one number you want to read from the sheet and match must be in the record or you can match it to a fixed text. Or even just check it within numerical limits.

Thus, you can select whether the same reader has to read say 3 times on the same sheet (multiply on checked) or if you want 3 readers each reading different locations and different or same matching texts (multiply on unchecked).