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Minimum Gap between Products


When 2 products come too close together, your controller says “Got another product at PD[1] before product distance [200] passed. Check photoeye or product distance

That’s fine and you do not print on the product but can’t you open the gate, I don’t want blank products going to my customer.



By setting the product to product distance to 200, the controller will signal an error if the next product comes less than 90% of the product distance, also, it disregards the product. So, yes, it is a blank product on the conveyor.



Minimum Gap

Since the product is very close to product 2, what we are going to do is divert both product 2 and the blank product.

Go to d:/editorgt/user/system/arguments.txt and go to the box line

box –mingap 130

That will do that the controller will divert product 2 and the blank product if the gap is below 130% of the product length declared in product detect 1..