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MCS Eagle or GTUS eZinkjet


I have to decide whether to buy an MCS Eagle or a GTUS eZ-inkjet. What is the difference between both ?

Let’s check the head technology

The MCS Eagle, like the Raptor we sell, is based on Kyocera heads that came out around 8 years ago. They have 16 rows of nozzles that jet at 20 KHz, print 600 dpi and have a print width of 4.25”or 108 mm, the smallest drop is 14 pl (UV, slower on biggest drop, about 15 kHz) or 18 pl (Water). The head is very sensible to scratches, that is, you can easily lose jets, especially if not on a web. A replacement head costs $12,000 to $15,000

The new GTUS eZ-inkjet is based on the newest Ricoh technology that came out around 2 years ago. They have 4 rows of nozzles that jet at 60 kHz, print 600 dpi and have a print width of 2.13”or 54 mm (half the size of the Kyocera but the eZ-inkjet can hold 2 Ricoh heads, making it 4.15” or 108 mm), the smallest drop is 7 pl. The head is stainless steel, much sturdier than the Kyocera. A replacement head costs $5,800.

We think that the Ricoh head is better for mailing, card, and any other single product application because it will last longer, it is cheaper, newer technology, and it is faster.

Let’s check out the ink cost

The price per liter of UV ink starts at $196. This price goes down with volume. MCS apparently starts at $250 per liter. The price for solvent and water based ink will about half the price of the UV ink.

We have also made the experience that our customers run mostly with 7 pl drops because the quality is good and they use only half the ink.

Let’s check out the equipment cost

The price of an eZ-inkjet of 54 mm is $39,400, add a second head for 108 mm for $14,900. Customers tell us that they have paid $60,000 for an Eagle

Let’s check out the speed

Although the Ricoh can jet at 60 kHz vs 20 kHz for the Kyocera, the drop size is 7 pl instead of 14 pl. Thus, with heavy coverage, the 60 kHz in the Ricoh turns into 30 kHz.

However, most mailing applications will need just 7 pl. So, you will run faster and use less ink.

Let’s check out the head repair costs

The price per inch is about the same the same but the Ricoh head will last much longer because it is a stainless steel plate.

Besides, if you have to exchange a Kyocera head for 1 jetout, you will have to exchange the whole 4.25”. With the eZ-inkjet, you will exchange only one head. That will cost you only half.

Let’s check out the quality

The quality is about the same with both heads.