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Marking single products on a sheet randomly

Handling below task would not need re-programming.

Above sheet consists of m rows and n columns. Let’s assume m is 8 and n is 6.

All RFID labels can be either good (0) or bad (1). 2m x 2n combinations.

The job is to mark the bad labels with a certain bitmap.

The suggestion is to send a string of “0” or “1” per column through a serial interface. Thus, if the 5th label in the 1st column is bad, the string is:

00001000<CR>   (Carriage return 0Dhex)
01000000<CR>   (the 2nd label is bad)
00000011<CR>   (labels 7 and 8 are bad)

There is a production mode called “Serial Data”. This mode reads data from a serial interface instead from a file, you can send data well in advance of the product or the print-go for that product, it will be stored. Thus, to simulate make a file like shown above and pass a sheet.

RS232: 19200, 8, N, 1

Clear the buffer: Send 0x1b 0x01 0x01
Response from controller 0x07 0x08 0x07 0x07

Ask status:   Send 0x1b 0x00 0x00
Response from controller 0x07 0x06 if OK

You could then create a font that prints nothing if it sees a “0” zero and a certain bitmap when it sees a “1”, marking the product at the right spot.

Use the multiply print-go like described in the AM42-Multiply Print Gos.