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Making Reader Log Work


I have 2 readers, one Axode reading an OCR or barcode from a carrier and down the line, a barcode reader reading a barcode on a plastic card. I need to log what carrier went with what card that is in this case log what the axode besides what the barcode reader sent!

How do I do it?

What you have to know from Readers

The controller is only interested in triggering the reader and getting a result in time over the serial interface, usually one of the ports of the Dflex card.

Refer to AM21-Connecting a reader for this.

What you have to define on the controller

Double click the red machine and you’ll get to below general tab. Select Camera. This way, you will not need a data file.

In Newsstand/Camera, enter the number of products of this production + 10%, not so important but it gives you an idea how far you are in the production. Enter the number you want to log this production with, the log file will be in D:\EditorGT\etc\statistic and be called Reader Log 123PL.csv for the PL (Production Log) and Reader Log 123BadPL.csv just the bad ones. Change that number with every new production!

In the reader, enter mode “Logg” and the position and length of 1st code. If the length sent by the camera does not coincide with length entered here, the product will be marked as bad.