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Log Last Camera


We have an Axode 180 camera (reader 5 in our job) at the end of the line, after the gate. We want to log the results of this camera but we don’t want reorders from this camera because the product is already passed the gate, hence we can’t make the product twice.

The log file shall contain the fields separated by semicolon:

  • Date/Time
  • Operator name
  • Record #
  • Reader #
  • Reader result
  • Match

We have an application that will be reading this Cam5 log file and print labels.

How do I setup this configuration ?

Set a parameter in d:/EditoGT/user/system/arguments.txt

Go to the controller line and add –LastCam 5 as a parameter to controller. This tells the controller to log the reader 5 results into d:/EditorGT/etc/statistic/FilenameCam5PL.csv

controller -LastCam 5

Set camera 5 to log mode. In Match mode you can set. No length, change this