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Graph-Tech USA Delivers Versatile eZ-Inkjet Printers

Graph-Tech USA's eZ-Inkjet printers represent a notable advancement in industrial inkjet printing technology. Our printers are engineered for a diverse range of applications, including narrow webs, plastic card personalization, addressing, films, labels, mailing, and gaming/lottery tickets. The eZ-Inkjet series, comprising six different models, provides solutions for every imaginable digital printing scenario, with print widths up to 480 millimeters (18.9 inches) and 4-color process up to 233 millimeters. Plus eZ-Inkjets support a wide variety of ink types—UV-curable, oil, solvent, or water-based—across multiple substrates.

Key features of the eZ-Inkjet printers include their field serviceability and seamless integration with Graph-Tech’s GT Controller, a globally recognized industrial controller with thousands of installations. This synergy enhances production capability and uptime, crucial for high-demand printing environments. Additionally, the printers provide flexible configurations, such as adjustable print widths and resolutions, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific production requirements.

The eZ-Inkjet printers are designed for cost-efficiency, offering a lower total cost of ownership. They eliminate hidden fees like click charges, and their print heads can be easily replaced in the field, reducing downtime. Moreover, these printers prioritize eco-friendliness by utilizing environmentally friendly inks, reinforcing their commitment to sustainable practices.

Below please find two roll-to-roll applications we offer for printing labels and single pass RFID Encoding with four color printing.

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