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Label Printing from the Adress File


I want to print a label with a zebra printer that contains just the products that made it to the end of the machine (false reads with an “X” in front, plus 2 texts from the data file. This works from version 3.13P68 on.


Set in d:/editorgt/user/system/arguments.txt at “controller -Printer”. You don’t need a stacker
New production mode “Data to Label” and the Bundle Size

Take your data file and declare Match-Key 11 and 12 what you want to send to the Label printer. Notice that M-8 Bundle end has a 1 every bundle end (it can be anything, #, *, whatever), just define it here.

Remember, Match-Key 1 will be what is going to be printed on the label
Remember, Match Key 11 and 12 will be used later to be sent to the label printer as Text 6 and Text 7 if the bundle size is 5, as Text 11 and 12 if the bundle size is 10, as Text 21 and 22 if the bundle size is 20. Thus, the size of the bundle size +1 for the first, +2 for the next.

Take any top sheet file and declare 27 fields. This is needed to be able to assign in the layout and they can be of length 1

In the Printer job

In the Printer configuration, just declare the serial parameters as usual. (115200 is high for a serial interface, better use 19200 to avoid noise). The printer is connected to port 4

In the Printer Layout, you have 27 Texts (because you declared it in page 3). In this production mode, they are not taken from the file but they are stored as you are producing. With the exception of Text 11 and Text 12, which come from the data file; If the bundle size is 25, use Text 26 and Text 27 for Match Key 11 and 12 from the data file.

As you run the machine, you will have bad products (which are red: 5, 15, 16, etc). Every 10 products, you will see the arrow sign which will signal also a speed up to the conveyor

Below you see what is sent to the printer: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (Product 5 is bad, with an X)

Job 2: 5 per bundle example. 2 Texts to send to label again as Match Key 11 and 12

And the label layout has 5 (Text1 to Text 5) cards, and with Text6 (Match Key 11) and Text7 (Match Key 12)