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Kyocera Service Station – SM3


I am getting an error “SM3 shortcut”.


The Service Station has 3 motor drivers but only 2 are used: SM1 is the motor that moves the cleaning station up and down. SM2 is the motor that moves the head left and right the slide for example to the print position. SM3 has no function, it was put there as a spare.

If you go into the Service Station Node you will see: Value at capping. Value when wiping, at print
Flush pump speed. Remember that with CTRL+SHIFT+E you can enter values

You can reference, go down, Go to print position, go to cap

Sample parameters for 1 head, 3, 5 head systems can be found in GT-Print\par but every machine is fine- tuned during manufacturing

Measurements: if you measure resistance yellow-green is 0 ohm, yellow to brown, yellow to white is high resistance (Inkjet switched off). Follow the cable if you measure a short circuit

The pneumatic parameters corresponding to this 2 head inkjet can be seen below: