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Jetarray Font Editor Quickie


How to use Edsko’s EditSets.exe program from Edsko in conjunction with the EditorGT.



EditSets allows you to create and edit fonts for the Jetarray and the JetarrayHR.

The EditorGT just needs the result (the font created) to be stored in the directory: D:\EditorGT\runtime\Inkjets\Jetarray.

So, double-click on EditSets.exe ( in D:\EditorGT\runtime\binary\release\EdiSets.exe). You’ll get this.

Now, if you click on WinFont, you can choose the windows font this program will try the best to mimic on a Jetarray.


In the example below, I chose Courier New as font. Please note all the attributes selected on the right little window. For example, that ANSII code table is used, or to take it as proportional fonts (with camera systems, you may want to select them non-prortional). The rest, you can leave as is.

You can then click on any letter, and see what will actually be printed by the inkjet, drop-by-drop. See “D” below. You can play in limits with height and width.

But you usually, do not want to mess with the font created automatically so far. You want to save it and use it.

For that, you just have to save it with your selected name in the right directory.

If you now, start the EditorGT application and go to the Jetarray menu, you will see that you have a new font to select from, MyCourier Font.