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Interview Excerpts From Markus Portmann’s Interview Talking About EMVrunner And EZID

While preparing for TRUSTECH Show in France, here is an excerpt from an interview done with Markus Portmann, President of Graph-Tech USA. Here are Markus’ insights when he was asked why GTUS developed the EMVRunner and eZid solutions for Open NFC encoding of secure variable data on dual interface cards and devices:

“You have to realize that we are seeing a major change in the financial card industry. People are going to more radio enabled transactions. And while before you had to do all your transactions via contact chips or magnetic stripes; Today, you can do this with NFC devices like cell phone with NFC as well as dual interface cards where you can tap and go. Using this new technology, you can pull a card out of your wallet and pay much faster than the contact systems. GTUS wants to make sure that we are one of the first company’s to offer an open technology to program RFID dual interface cards via contactless encoding. We are excited as I think the U.S. market is going to move very quickly to contactless payment systems because it’s so much simpler and faster for consumers.”

Here’s some background on GTUS, “Years ago we started doing software drivers for inkjets and very quickly we saw that there was a big market for printing variable data on first phone cards and then gift cards, financial cards, identity cards, traffic cards, and transportation cards. So we have followed this technology. And I think nowadays we are one of the few companies in the world that have all the elements that can make a card system work. We have developed complete turnkey solutions like our RoadRunner card personalization system with TotalMag Magnetic Encoding. We have developed our own high resolution eZinkjet industrial printer. We have the EMVRunner with eZID which is our new contactless NFC system. We offer cameras, labelers, card affixing and the SuperTracker – our next-generation GT controller, which synchronizes everything. GTUS is one of the few companies in the world that can pull off such a system. And we can supply all of this at much more affordable prices because we own the technologies. We don’t have to buy them from anyone else. We own them. I am very proud of that.”

For more information about Graph-Tech USA’s EMVRunner and eZid solution for NFC variable data card printing, go to our web page or contact Rich Durr at 770-410-5149 /