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Install ELO Touchscreen


I received a controller and the touch-screen is not working. How do I install it?

Note: Graph-Tech installs and tests the touch-screen in rack systems but not in desktop systems because many people want the desktop without touch-screen for costs reasons.

Install procedure

With every touch-screen, you get a VGA cable, a serial cable, a power cable, and an install CD. We don’t use the USB cable.

Connect the VGA cable (3 row DIN connector) from the all-in-one processor card to the back of the touch-screen (some have a cover that you want to remove gently).

Connect the serial cable from COM1 in the controller to the back of the touch-screen.

Connect the power cable.

Boot the controller, XP will boot and you will see the familiar GT screen.

Introduce the “touchtools” CD and select install drivers (local not through internet), select “Install serial drivers”, say yes to the license agreement, select auto-detect devices (of course you made sure that the serial connection is well connected).
Annoying is that it asks for eloser.sys but get it in c:\Program Files\EloTouchSystems.

Then calibrate the touch-screen monitor. You can do it anytime later from Control Panel and Elo touch screen.

If it is not working by now, you’re not a PC freak!