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Ink Info and Tests


The following is the information I need and the tests

1) Basics

Tell me the ink basics:
Name of the ink ____________
Ink profile available ____________
Jetting modules tested ____________
Ink stability ____________ Time in market ____________
References _____________________________________________
Pigment or dye ? ____________
MSDS available ____________
Shelf life ____________
If curing, what bulb ? ____________ W/cm2 _______________
Drying time /Opening time ? ____________

Operating Temperature ____________
Viscosity (cps) ___ _@30C @40C @50C________
Surface Tension (dynes/cm) ____________
Density (g/ml) ____________
PH ____________

Recommended Flush ____________

2) Jetting

Write down the best settings to print at maximum speed. Speed in FPM ______________
Add print-outs of test pattern and barcodes to this report.

Ink Temperature ____________
Firepulse settings
Voltage (V) ____________
Time (us) ____________
Leading slew rate ____________
Trailing slew rate ____________

Trail delay (us) ____________
Voltage (V) ____________
Time (us) ____________
Leading slew rate ____________
Trailing slew rate ____________

Controller Version ____________
Inkjet Firmware ____________

3) Adhesion

After print after 24 hours

Plastic (PET, PVC, ABS)


Coated paper
• Gelatin
• PE
• Cellulose
• Silicon

4) Handling

Ink fill until no more bubles ____________
Time to print in the morning ____________
How many purges before print ____________

Opening time (do it at 30-35C room temp):
Minutes before jets get lost ____________ Room Temp _____
Minutes before jets get lost, with lvfp ____________ Room Temp _____

5) Contrast

Opacity ____________
Print barcodes and measure the grading ____________
Evaluate the look, straightness, satellites ____________
Measure contrast ____________

6) Material compatibility (incompatibility)

On what surface does this ink work best?

Are there known materials that do not work with this ink?

Usual materials used by Graph-Tech:
• The tubes we use are of nylon (Polyamid Pa)
• The diaphragm of the pump is teflon (Polytetrafluorethylen or PTFE)
• The ink filter uses nylon (Polyamid Pa)

7) Image robustness

Abrasion resistance
Light steadfastness factor.
Weatherometer results.

8) General information

Can this ink be transported by plane without problem?

Bottle size

Special storage considerations