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Ink Consumption


How much ink will your inkjet need for this job?



Right now, our inkjets run without gray levels, that means that every drop is the same size. There are jetting assemblies with drops of 10 pl, 30 pl, 50 pl, and 80 pl.



The regular GT-Jet 64 has a dropsize of 80 pl. This can change +/- 15% depending on the firepulse settings.

So, if you enter the drop volume (this depends on the head, here 80 pl for GT-Jet 64), the number of products (1Mio here) you want to produce and the price per liter of ink ($200 here), you see below how many liters you will need (4.7 L) and the cost (930.96)



eZ-inkjet example. Remember 1 drop is 7 pl, 2 drop 15 pl, 3 drop 21 pl