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Graph-Tech Certified Inks

The most important thing that you can do to maintain superior printer reliability and quality is to use Graph-Tech certified inks in your Graph-Tech printers. Do not risk voiding your warranty or having to replace your printer’s jetting assembly by using third-party inks that are not certified for your printer. Graph-Tech offers a wide variety of UV and UV-LED inks, Solvent as well as Water-based inks for your GTUS printers as well as 100% compatible formulas for Domino™ K600 and Atlantic Zeiser™ printers.

Graph-Tech inks are engineered for optimal system performance, our inks utilize the narrowest particle size distribution of colorants. Using a holistic approach, from the bottle to the substrate, GTUS inks provide ease-of-use and trouble-free operation to keep your printer running at top performance. With extensive quality assurance testing and efficient manufacturing processes, you can be assured that our inks are the absolute best quality and very consistent from batch to batch. Reduced nozzle drop out, and long decapping times with great adhesion are just a few of the results of the GTUS ink development cycle.  Our inks are formulated with low energy UV photo initiators that are optimized utilizing the latest technology to allow for rapid curing with low energy.

Graph-Tech inks allow your printer to reach it full potential with the highest quality, great adhesion, extra durability, brighter colors, and coverage with opacity which gives you peace of mind for premium print quality, fantastic "A" quality barcodes with less waste and great color.

We offer compatible replacement inks for Domino K600, as well as Atlantic Zeiser™ Konica and Omega  printers in both UV and Water-based formulas.

All of our inks are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A

To receive a free ink sample call 772-569-0066 x3 as we would like to hear about your printing requirements. Or you can send us a sample of what you would like to print on and we can make a sample for you on your substrate. Give us a call today or email

  • Graph Tech provides inks that dry quickly, are water resistant and adhere to the toughest substances.
  • Offering a variety of ink options to meet your printing needs
  • We offer custom solutions for the printing needs of today and the future

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