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eZ-Inkjet 64

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eZ-Inkjet® 64 (GT-Jet 72 or SG256 replacement, also Videojet's PrintPro/BX or Domino's Bitjet) is a fast, versatile, bichrome digital printing system, that is, it can print in 2 colors, usually black and white. It can be used in industrial applications like cable numbering, coating, packaging applications printing date/time/batches/barcodes, variable data applications like mailing or card. It works with our new eZ-Editor and is also integrated into the most used industrial controller in the world, the GT controller. The head is based on the Q class jettings made by Fuji-Dimatix. Capable of jetting down or sideways, making it much more versatile than the GT-Jet 72 (K100). Capable of running 4 types of inks: UV, water, solvent, and oil based, making it much more versatile than HP inkjets and with much better running costs. Print with UV based ink can print on all kind of different substrates, like Corrugated, PVC, PET, metal, foils, glass, etc. At an amazing introductory price of only $19,900 for a 1 head DOD inkjet, or $25,900 for a double head, including the driver software. eZ-Inkjet® printers are capable of running a wide variety of different types of inks on a many different substrates, making them not only easy-to-operate and maintain but also very versatile inkjets.


  • Horizontal resolution: 300 to 1200 DPI
  • Vertical resolution: 600 DPI
  • Monochrome Drop Sizes: 12, 24 pl
  • Print width 65 mm (2.55”)
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Inkjet Head
  • Ink supply: 1 Liter
  • Ink types: UV-Curable, Oil, Solvent,or Water-based
  • Print length 40″ (1m), with zero gap
  • Data source: GT Controller
  • Linear speed: 600 dpi 500 fpm (154 m/min) with 12 pL
  • Linear speed: 300 dpi 1000 fpm (305 m/min) with 12 pL
  • Umbilical length: 3 meters
  • 600×600 DPI native resolution — Print as small as 2 point fonts and small bar codes
  • Zero gap between prints
  • Supports Water, Oil, Solvent, and UV-based inks to suit your application
  • Environmentally friendly water-based and UV inks
  • Speeds up to 500 fpm at 600 dpi, and 1000 fpm at 300 dpi
  • Easy and quick start up procedure
  • Print-heads easily replaced in the field. Means more up time
  • Connects seamlessly to GT controller
  • No click charges or other hidden fees
  • eZ-Inkjet 65 is a logical replacement for our workhorse GT-JET 64 (K200) Inkjet
  • 1 jetting vs. 6 jettings: lower cost heads and field replaceable
  • Field tests show that 30 to 40% less ink is used as compared to a GT-JET 64 Printer
  • 600 dpi vs. 316 dpi native resolution
  • Basically the same print width
  • 60 KHz vs. 20 KHz piezo
  • UV, Solvent, Water, and Oil-based inks vs. only UV and Solvent-based inks
  • Less ink requires less curing power than printing on GT-JET printers
  • Integrates “eZily” into existing platforms to print text, bar codes and logos in the mailing, packaging, and card industries as well as on webs at higher speeds with more reliability.
  • Great for Any Digital Serialization, Card Personalization, Decorating, and Marking application.

eZ-Inkjet prints at high resolution – 600×600 dpi native on plastic cards, paper, labels, lottery tickets, forms/checks.

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