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eZ-ColorJet 100 (1.32″ to 4″)

Product Details

The eZ-ColorJet industrial inkjet printer is a fast, 600 dpi four color process industrial inkjet printer, integrated into the most used industrial controller in the world, the GT controller. The eZ-ColorJet uses the new Epson S3200 PRECISIONCORE print head which can be mounted inline making the head more compact and cost-effective, and the transport less critical. Capable of running 4 types of inks: UV, water, solvent, and oil based, making it one of the most versatile inkjets in the market. Start printing on labels, lotteries, forms, books, etc. Print with four color process with with UV based ink can print on all kind of different substrates, like PVC, PET, metal, foils, glass, etc.

eZ-Colorjet on LabelRunner

  • Horizontal resolution: 300 to 1200 DPI
  • Vertical resolution: 600 DPI
  • Monochrome Drop Sizes: 2.5,5,12 pL
  • Print widths in millimeters: 33.5, 67, 100
  • Print widths in inches: 1.32, 2.65, 4.00
  • Ink supply: 1 Liter
  • Ink types: UV-Curable, Oil, Solvent,or Water-based
  • Print length 40″ (1m), with zero gap
  • Data source: GT Controller
  • Linear speed: 600 dpi 150 fpm (30m/min) with 5 pL
  • Umbilical length: 4 meters
  • 600×600 DPI native resolution — Print as small as 2 point fonts and very small bar codes
  • Zero gap between prints
  • Supports Water, Oil, Solvent, and UV-based inks to suit your application
  • Environmentally friendly water-based and UV inks
  • Speeds up to 150 fpm at 600 dpi (5 pl)
  • 4 Color Processing Printing
  • Easy and quick start up procedure
  • Automatic cleaning and capping that reduces nozzle blockage and downtime (optional)
  • Print-heads easily replaced in the field. Means more up time
  • Connects seamlessly to GT controller installed over 5,000 times
  • Step-and-repeat for labels
  • Print directly from PDF files (separate option)
  • No click charges or any other hidden fees
  • Competitive pricing
  • Epson made heads: equals unmatched reliability and availability
  • Heads can be easily replaced in the field
  • Ink recirculation and heating per head to maintain optimal print density.
  • UV, Solvent, Water, and Oil-based inks vs. only water or solvent based inks./li>
  • Utilizes Epson's economical PRECISIONCORE i3200 print heads.
  • Connects seamlessly to the world's most power GT System Controller.
eZ-Colorjet Industrial Inkjet Printer

ColorJet prints at high resolution – 600×600 dpi native on plastic cards, paper, labels, lottery tickets, forms/checks.

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