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Trade Shows 2023 – ICMA EXPO 2023 – May 15-18, 2023 – Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld

Graph-Tech-USA's powerful System Controllers and Piezo-based Drop-On-Demand UV Inkjet Printers are ubiquitous in many sectors of the print industry including the card industry.

At ICMA Expo 2023, this coming May 15-18,2023 at the Renaissance Seaworld Orlando, we will be showing our latest game-changing RoadRunner III Card System that can produce up to 50,000 cards per hour with our eZ-Inkjet printers like our eZ-Inkjet 100. The eZ-inkjet 100 prints variable data including graphics and over 80 different bar codes at very high speeds and high-resolution - 600x600 dpi. The eZ-inkjet 100 is a low cost UV alternative to cartridge based printers that are very expensive to operate and not environmentally friendly. Check out our latest video - RoadRunner III

In addition to our printers and controllers, GTUS offers complete robust integrated systems that feed various sized products, with magnetic encoding, labeling, EMV RFID Encoding, LED UV curing lamps, vision systems for inspection, as well as our eZ-Inkjet family of printers in various sizes and speeds that support UV, Solvent, and Water-based inks and GT Controllers with Microsoft Windows 10.

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