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Hydraulic Inkjet Mount (HIM)


The GT-Jets have new capabilities that made it necessary to completely redesign our inkjet mounts with the following criteria:

1. We want to smoothly lift the heads for purging and cleaning. Put them back in printing position smoothly. Thus, we avoid accidents with the delicate heads and avoid shaking that produces unwanted air bubbles. Solution: pneumatic valve.
2. We want to get back precisely to the previous position. Solution: ball bearings, variable stop screw.
3. The inkjet mount must be sturdier, more industry-like but still exact. Solution: ball bearings.
4. We want to install the head absolutely parallel to the surface to be printed, that is, we need to be able to lock-in 3 angles. Solution: 3 screw vectors.
5. It has to work with GT-Jet 64 and GT-Jet 72.


Every inkjet mount comes with a grey connection box. An output in the box is already taken for the lift/lower the head signal, assigned in the configuration part of the inkjet menu.

Right now, the controller is programmed in such a way that the head is lowered automatically at START time and lifted at STOP time, if you set the stop machine signal to that output signal, the head will lower when the production is ready. Other modes may be implemented in the future.

From new software manual:

The Head Mount option allows you to define an output signal that will control a pneumatic cylinder that moves the head up and down on the Mounting Bracket. This then allows the head to be in the up position when not in production mode, when production is started the head will then move down to the printing position after the preset Wait Time (Seconds) has been reached. You are able to control up to 4 Pneumatic Head Mounts with the Controller.