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HP offset mpp and other new.V2



I want to input the offset between the pens. How do I do that?

I want to run an MPP.

I want to set the sparse spit command with certain inks.

I want to set my ink parameters.

Note: this runs from 3.30 P20 and you need the GT36 driver plus the GTUS on yes in the license file.

Note: if you want to run 2D barcodes, take an encoder wheel with 47,241 pulses per inch (67.38 mm diameter) which translates to clean 300/600/1200 dpi.  Otherwise, the 2D barcodes will not print right.


Setup (this works from version 3.30 P16)



The ink parameters are read from the file D:/EditorGT/runtime/binary/release/hp_ink_par.txt

It contains the ink parameters separated by commas, (Name,Voltagex10,Lengthx10,Warmingx10) for example: