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How to update the Firmware in the eZ-Inkjet


I need to update the software in the eZ-Inkjet. How do I do that ?


You will get through email or can download from the gtus ftp in /eZ-Inkjet/Firmware

A description file and 2 bin files (for the microprocessor and the FPGA)

The description file is just a reference to the files

Go to d:/ez/firmware and double-click on loader.exe

Below will appear

Select the descriptor

Select All and press upgrade, AND DO NOT STOP THIS PROCESS UNTIL DONE

It will do then the FPGA

Finished downloading, cycle the power of the inkjet

Other software

The software of the microcontroller can only be downloaded by a trained tech.

In d:/EZ, there are 2 other programs that work just have to be replaced:

  • EZ_Jet.exe
  • EZ_receive.exe