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How do I control a Phoseon lamp from the controller


I got a fireflex camera from Phoseon, how do I control it from the controller ?


Please connect the security circuit into the lamp, so that it switches off when the emergency stop is activated. Pin 7 to Pin 14.

Also, do not rely on any controller to inactivate the lamp when a transport stops, connect also the drive device to inactivate the lamp when the transport stops.

4.1.2 PLC Interface

The female DB-15 connector is used to control the light source via a PLC. The connector as oriented with the longer side on top, is numbered with Pins 1-8 on the top row (right toleft) and pins 9-15 on the bottom row (right to left). Figure 4-6 shows the pin numbering on the RX FireFlex connector and Table 4-1 shows the connector pin assignments.

Figure 4-6 DB-15 Connector Pin Number Diagram

Page 21 of manual:


Take the DB15 and do the following:

Interlock feature: connect pin 7 through the interlock of the machine to pin 14.
Provide full intensity: connect pin 2 to pin 6
Enable light source: Connect a cable from an MIC relay to pin 4 (COM) the other cable to pin 10 (NO).

In the GT software, assign the right output and the minimum speed to turn on. Active ON

If with box:

Cut cable 3 (orange) and put it through a relay output of the controller, the other side to 3