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GTUS Offering PCI DSS Compliant Windows 10


Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 Embedded on October 13, 2020. Thankfully, for PCI DSS compliance, GTUS has ported our powerful GT software and real-time tracking controller to Windows 10. The great news is that it will look the same, operate the same, and will have the same capabilities as our current software and hardware while maintaining complete backward hardware compatibility. There will be no need to change your systems or re-train your people or deliver data in another format. You can even use the same jobs!

Other companies come out with new software and hardware but forget the basics like how to track a product over four belts, drive just 1 or 2 inkjets instead of the 47, read and print, reorder products, step-and-repeat, bundling or stacking, camera drivers, magnetic encoder, RFID verification, and encoding, or reporting functions, but not GTUS. Over the past twenty years, specialized capabilities and features created and deployed on more than 4,000 plus GT Controllers will work on our new Windows 10 / SuperTracker. In short, you do not want a new controller that costs more, can do less, needs re-training, and is incompatible with data formats and even connectors for photocells/encoders.

One of the significant impacts of Windows 10 is that it does not support the ISA bus, which is where the old proprietary trackers are currently connected. Hence, GTUS developed the SuperTracker, which has the same tracking capabilities, but the connection is now a standard 1Gigabit connection found in every computer.

We have developed three SuperTrackers equivalent to the Basic, Mailtable, and Multiposition Tracker as described below:
*Supertracker-Basic 4 i/o, one shaft encoder, 2 RS232, two ao
*Supertracker 8 i/o, two shaft encoders, 4 RS232, two ao
*Supertracker+ 16 i/o, four shaft encoders, four rs232, two ao
*GT Industrial Boxer Computer

A great advantage is that the SuperTracker keeps the same connectors for shaft encoders, photocells, I/O-Boxes, and printers. You can unplug connectors from the tracker and plug them right into the corresponding ports on the SuperTracker.

With Windows 7 End-Of-Life imminent, GTUS is offering our customers a painless path to upgrade to Windows 10 while keeping backward compatibility with your existing peripherals and systems.