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GT1 data format


I would like to eliminate errors defining the data file and the layout. I want to do that off-line by experts. The operators shall only select the file but not define fields.

Can I make a data file that auto-defines itself ?

OK, we defined a GT1 format. Please see below GT1 data format. Works from 3.9 P68.

GT1 data format

Simple, the very first line defines the fields. Please note that:
1) The ending of the file name is gt1: filename.gt1
2) The first line defines the fields and becomes the header
3) The next lines must be of the same length
4) Every field is separated by ‘~’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘|’, or tab
5) At the end of the line, there is a CR/LF (Ox0D 0x0A)
6) Give the field name a description that is self-explanatory
7) If the field is special, like the record number or bundle end, add the M- variable, for example M-1 Record number
8) Important: the records themselves must be in FIXED-FORMAT. However, the header that defines the field names can have another length.

M-23 Mark done~M-1 Record number~M-8 Bundle end~Account number~Pin number~M-15 Match key 1 Track2~M-38 Match key 8 Barcode
~000000001~ ~6006496624722606109~8883~6006496624722606109=491211051388483~79366496770005049982015003180
~000000002~ ~6006496624722606117~0979~6006496624722606117=491211028728826~79366496770005049987822967238
~000000003~ ~6006496624722606125~8426~6006496624722606125=491211038667050~79366496770005049985477568228
~000000004~ ~6006496624722606133~6704~6006496624722606133=491211098864125~79366496770005049981537516604
~000000005~ ~6006496624722606141~6642~6006496624722606141=491211021619038~79366496770005049984829112801
~000000006~ ~6006496624722606158~4024~6006496624722606158=491211003413042~79366496770005049984415149811
~000000007~ ~6006496624722606166~6956~6006496624722606166=491211079115977~79366496770005049988647769825
~000000008~ ~6006496624722606174~8107~6006496624722606174=491211061698277~79366496770005049986208367310
~000000009~ ~6006496624722606182~2921~6006496624722606182=491211057570450~79366496770005049985041602941
~000000011~ ~6006496624722606208~8883~6006496624722606208=491211019677352~79366496770005049985023156544

You just have to select the file and click on [A]: automatic format detection.

For the inkjet layout exchange, the best is to define the layout in a prep-station and transfer it over the network. For example, by mapping the driver and directory on each controller to where the server saves the layouts.


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The M- variables


//          M-1     Record  Number

//          M-2     Bundle  Number

//          M-3     Pallet  Number

//          M-4     Tour    Number

//          M-5     Truck   Number

//          M-6     Machine Number

//          M-7     Place   Number

//          M-8     Bundle  End

//          M-9     Bundle  Start

//          M-10   Pallet  Exit

//          M-11   Selective BCT

//          M-12   Selective binary

//          M-13   Tracked Output

//          M-14   Sort key

//          M-15   Match key1

//          M-16   Match key2

//          M-17   Match key3

//          M-18   Match key4

//          M-19   Copies in Bundle

//          M-20   Edition

//          M-21   Variable message

//          M-22   ECR;

//          M-23   Mark Done

//          M-24   Kick gate

//          M-25   Sack number

//          M-26   Postal sheet

//          M-27   Sack end number

//          M-28   Printer No

//          M-29   Multiplicator

//          M-30   Log string

//          M-31   Machine Data

//          M-32   Display Data

//          M-33   Record Status

//          M-34   Skip free copies

//          M-35   Match key5

//          M-36   Match key6

//          M-37   Match key7

//          M-38   Match key8

//          M-39   Match key9

//          M-40   Match key10

//          M-42   Match key11

//          M-43   Match key12

//          M-44   Match key13

//          M-45   Match key14

//          M-46   Match key15

//          M-47   Match key16

//          M-48   Match key17

//          M-49   Match key18

//          M-50   Match key19

//          M-51   Match key20

//          M-52   Match key21

//          M-43   Match key22

//          M-53   Mark Key

//          M-54   Mark Status

//          M-55   DATE produced

//          M-56   TIME produced


In Card systems, M-15, M-16, and M-17 are reserved for track1, track2, and track3