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Graph-Tech-USA (GTUS®) Acquires IO Engineering

Florida based inkjet and controller manufacturer GTUS® has purchased iO Engineering, Inc. a hardware development company from Minnesota.

iO Engineering designs and produces electronics for super-fast and complex input/output, imaging, and tracking applications used in several industries.

GTUS® is best known as a world-leader in card personalization systems with the RoadRunner. Both the inkjet and controller technology of GTUS® are used in many lottery, label, mailing, forms, and increasingly in industrial applications.

Markus Portmann, president of GTUS® said: “We have been working for several years with iO Engineering and liked their state-of-the-art innovative approach to designing reliable electronics solutions. Our SuperTracker and MagBox are the foundation of the new GTUS® products and were developed together with iO Engineering. Both have been installed world-wide successfully and will replace the obsolete EditorGT tracker. We are looking forward to developing exciting new products with the added know-how of iO Engineering”.

Gary Altenberg, iO Engineering’s president, will become VP and shareholder of GTUS®.