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Get Data from Bridge PC


The customer needs to produce from data that is in another PC, a so called bridge PC. The customer runs proprietary software and de-encrypts data, manages data, and, perhaps more importantly, has to join the company domain according to internal procedures.

Joining a real-time controller to a company domain is seldom a good idea, most hinder the controller PC in its real-time capabilities. The controller is not a regular PC that looks for updates all the time, sends data to Microsoft all the time, etc. The controller just needs data to print and needs all the resources available to track products and print.

If you want to separate the GT controller from your LAN, add a bridge PC in between. You can add all your programs in the bridge PC and the GT controller will produce from the data file in that bridge PC.

Regular Network Architecture

The GT controller comes with 4 LANs:

  1. One for the inkjets on IP
  2. One for the Inkjets on IP
  3. One for the connection to the factory to get data. IP not determined
  4. One for the dedicated connection to the SuperTracker on IP


With the Bridge PC



Here, the databridge PC has the IP# (yes with 2 \\ to start). In Explorer, enter it and you should see:


That tells you that you have a connection and the permissions need to be for Read and Write: to see and modify files. You have to share D on the bridge PC, so make a partition D:/, add folder EditorGT/data/address. You can also leave it on partition c:/ but you probably do not want to share your partition c:/, better to keep things separated.

If you don’t see the PC with the IP number, check your cables, your NIC IPs, ping the IP# from a console, and, especially, make sure that the bridge PC shows the shared folders when you go to network, if you don’t see it there, other PCs will not see them either.

Once you can see \\\d

Go to Settings as expert and input here the IP# and the check mark


The controller will look for the data files in \\\d\EditorGT\data\address

If you use the file logger, do the same there if you want your customized production logs in the bridge PC.

Input the IP# (yes, with forward slashes) and the place you want them. A folder Logger will be created in D:/ automatically if not already there. If you can’t, you did not give write privileges., get your IT guy.