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G series simple


In a project, that task was to send text to a G series (HP printer) through Ethernet. The layout is done in the inkjet itself.



Not different than many inkjets. Input the IP-number of the G-series, if there are several G-series, make sure the IP-number is different for every node on the net. If you are not sure you are connected, open a DOS console and enter ping and wait for a OK reply..



Then, define the file fields.



Define the layout the texts to be relayed through tcp/ip to the inkjet.



If the G-series’ reference is product detect 1, 5 messages will be sent to the inkjet, the next one after every print-go.


The basis for this data exchange can be found in the Domino manual 25257_G-series_OMM_1.pdf. Please “Send Vtext data to a message” from page 165.

Notes for next project

  • Use a G-series controller (one IP number) per print position. Do not try to print ½” here and ½” 1 meter down the line.
  • There is no print-done. Do not use G-series with an EditorGT before this is fixed.
  • I had to program 200 ms between tcp/ip packets because the G-Series controller would disregard packages that come too close, for example the reset buffer command. Sometimes one gets a response, sometimes not. Obviously, it is not a real tcp/ip link, tcp/ip does not lose packets. It might be ok for batching or PI applications but not for CP applications.


Result: this G-series controller is not fit for CP applications!