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Font Editor with EditorGT

On the controller, there is a program named edits.exe. Double-click it and you will see below screen. Or download it with any browser by typing in:

Now, you have to open a file containing a font. The fonts for the domino inkjets are located in D:\EditorGT\runtime\Inkjets and it depends on the inkjet:
– A400 and solo are in D:\EditorGT\runtime\Inkjets\Solo
– Jetarray is in D:\EditorGT\runtime\Inkjets\Jetarray
– JetarrayHR is in D:\EditorGT\runtime\Inkjets\Jetarray_HR
– Bitjet has its own fonts and are not described here.

So, open a font like 9-drop bold.

After opening, you can edit each font individually and save it.

Also, you can make a completely new one, by defining the height (usually 7, 9, or 16 drops) and the width.

Here for example a 0 converted to 3 dots vertical, 2 dots horizontal. Saved under the name 9-drop test as A400 font in D:\EditorGT\runtime\Inkjets\Solo

Now, in the EditorGT dialog, you declare first the download font 5 (the A400 has only 4 fonts resident, the rest has to be downloaded).

As you can see above, the text on the right has 00001 in the font created by you, that is 4 short bars and 1 long bar. But it could be whatever dots you paint with the font editor.
On the right, with regular numbers.