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Flush Tank Pressure Timeout


I can’t get the inkjet to come up. It says “Flush tank pressure time out”.

I had that setting up a new system.


1)  No compressed air

Make sure you have air connected to it. The gauge shows 0.5 psi

2)  Kinked sensor tube

The tube is somehow cut too long and it kinks after transport, movement, etc.

Open the clean cabinet (just 4 screws) and check the white tube that goes to the pressure sensor. Below what happened to me: the sensor would not see the pressure! Check also for a possible leak or a tube not connected right



3)  Check the Settings

Go to Extras/Device Parameters

Check the pressure, should be 300. You may lower it to try if the sensor is not ok.

Check it also with CAN-Service Station (have to exit the program):