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Finding and downloading Files with MS-NT


How to get 2 computers (for example a controller and your NT laptop) to communicate with each other.



1st step is to establish communication. The following must be checked:

· Connect 2 PCs through Ethernet. You have 2 choices: either direct with a crossover cable, or through a hub with a regular (not crossover) Ethernet cable. Usually RJ45 connectors.


2nd step is to find the computer:

· Go to START/Programs/Windows NT Explorer.

· Select Tools/Find/Computer and type in name of the computer. The name of a computer can be found with START/Settings/Control Panel/Network

· If you do not find the other computer, you may check in Network (see last point). Go to Protocols/TCP-IP protocol/Properties and set the IP number of one computer to and the other to Make sure that the Subnet mask is set to

· You can then ping the other computer by going to START/Programs/DOS command prompt and type in at the prompt: ping (if you are at and viceversa). You should get a reply or a timeout. If you get a timeout, you better check your Ethernet cables, Speed (10 MB or 100 MB), etc.


3rd step (after you found the computer) is to double-click on the name. The other computer will ask you for a user name and a password. For EditorGT they are: Operator (user name) and gt (password). Beware of case sensitiveness. You should now see the accessible drives D and E. The EditorGT is always in D:\EditorGT\…


To copy a folder or file from your PC to the controller, you go to your PC, select the folder or file to be copied with CTRL-C (Copy) and go to the destination folder on the controller. Then you press CTRL-V (Paste). Please remember always to rename the destination folder before copying anything, so that you can always go back to the old version.


Enjoy Windows NT. It is a fine operating system that is accredited to be the most thought-out and stable operating system of Microsoft.