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Final Test Procedure for each eZ-inkjet V1



How do I test an eZ-inkjet before shipping it?

Fill the ink in that the customer expects and do the following tests:

  1. Check that you have a released software version for the controller, tracker, lykos, fpga, cabinet, etc.
  2. Meniscus Vacuum Test: check that it works and is stable.
  3. Put a thermometer on one of the blocks to check that thermistors work correctly.
  4. Make a 1,000 print tests at speed, keep one for us and send one with the inkjet. Perfect alignment.
  5. Make an overnight test
  6. Provoke an bottle empty error


Vacuum Test



When you switch the inkjet off, there should be no ink coming out the plate as the solenoid above the ink tank in the head should close and hold the meniscus.


Print Test


Align the head (one has to see 16 equidistant steps) and try to print below. We need one test-print to go with the inkjet and one to stay here. Print the head number and date of test.



Print above with 600 dpi/2 drops/ 29.5 KHz for 1,000 products. We do not want to see any jetouts.