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Filetransfer with Mapped drives


I would like to connect a prep-station to a controller but not by name but by mapped drive for security reasons, how do I do that?

This works only since 3.9 P72 mpo but will be integrated into 3.11 P15 or later.



We have experienced difficulties because when people add a controller to their house network and domain, or worse, installing anti-virus programs, whereby programs seem to be loaded automatically that affect the real-time behavior of the controller à random stops after 10 minutes, 1 hour with no apparent reason, probably programs trying to connect to some server.

When the administrator just mapped the D drive of the controller to download data/jobs and let the controller be an island, all problems went away.



You just have to go to d:/editorgt/user/system/GTs_in_lan.txt and input the mapped drive. For example below M:, if you open M it should show M:/Editorgt/…



Also, make sure that you add a CR/LF at the end of each PC name or Drive.



When trying to access a XP controller from a Windows 7 prep-station, the file transfer does not work. Some controllers share D as Data (d), this does not work. Go to the controller and make a new share with the name d. How ?

The following holds whether you work with the name of the controller or a mapped drive.