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eZ-inkjet update firmware


I need to update the firmware of the eZ-inkjet.

The current software for Rev 3 driver boards is E004_001s and the fpga is X110_000n
The current software for Rev 5 driver boards is E004_000u and the fpga is L005_001f

How do I do that ?

How do I know what Rev driver board I have ?

If you see this 4 pin connector, it connects to the heater and heat sensor, it is a revision 5. In Revision 3, it is 2 connectors in the back, one for the heater, one for the heat sensor.


The firmware is the software that runs in the Lykos card, the FPGA is fast electronic that sends the image to be printed to the Ricoh head as the product moves one.

Go to d:/ez/Firmware and double click on Loader.exe
Notice folders Rev 3 and Rev 5

Press Update Firmware

Press Upgrade

Select the Folder and nfw file that contains the link to the *.bin files

Press OK

The software will show the progress, first the Lykos firmware is updated

It will show shortly that it is done successfully

Then it will program the FPGA


It will show shortly that it is done successfully

Or if it failed. Check the on-line menu, sometimes it says failed but it is OK

See the firmware and the FPGA here for the Rev 5: