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Extrusion Machine


How do I setup the extrusion machine?

What do the electronic signals mean?

How do I split a Bitmap in 2?



Select “Extrusion” as machine type.


Output 02 is “System Ready” in the extrusion project.

All signals are only handled if the GT controller is in production.

Production Run: Input here how many products you want to run. If you foresee 10% waste, just enter 10% more.

Enable Printer Input: Must be on (24V) to start printing. If it goes off the print is stopped.

Start Printing Input: signal that toggles start (24V) and stop printing (0 V) of the active inkjets when.

Cap on Head 1/2 Input: signal that shows if cap is on the head (24V on IN04/05) to prevent purging with the cap on.

Purge Head 1/2 Input: signal that initiates a purge, provided the cap is off. Pulse it for 1 second or less with 24 V, 0V is off.



System Printing Output: If the system is ready and received the start printing signal, this output will be on 24V (or relay).

Print System Alarm Output: set 24V (or relay) if the controller and inkjet have an alarm.

Head 1 /2Low Ink Alarm Output: set 24V (or relay) if one of the inkjets is low on ink. The GT-Jet system checks the ink level only if wants to pump ink into the ink reservoir.

Purge Complete Output: set 24V (or relay) after the purge has been completed for 1 second.

Every output is either push/pull (24V/0V) or a relay.

Product Present Output: The GT-Dryer function sets an output 24V (0V otherwise) when the speed of the line, as measured with the shaft encoder, is over a minimum. Here the output is Half  OUT 01 and the minimum speed in mm per second is 200.



Split a Bitmap

You have first to select the bitmap you want to split with the button [Get Bitmap], which will bring you to a standard Windows open menu, starting in the last directory used (keep your bitmaps in the same directory for convenience). Your bitmap should have an ending with a -number like bitmap-37, which means the default product distance is 37 mm.




Then you split the bitmap. To split a bitmap evenly, the height must an even number of pixels.



Now start the GT controller, go into the layout, and resize the bitmap to be printed.