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Explain User Levels


How do the user levels work ?

Remember: you are responsible to hold expert or supervisor passwords secret. They can be changed any time if you think they are compromised. You can also buy a security key option from GT, whereby all user levels are defined by unique keys handled by an administrator.

4 User Levels

Under menu “User type”, you can select Operator, Supervisor, Expert, or Service.

An Operator can operate the machine and change some parameters like print-go position which can be changed while printing.

A Supervisor can change everything in the job but nothing in the configuration.

An Expert can change the job and the configuration. The configuration is mostly what input/output or interface is connected to what and is done during the first installation.

Service can change everything and is usually reserved for GT personnel.

Operator can change the distance, unless not allowed in settings

But all the rest is grayed out. That is, one can check the settings but not change it.
Notice, the is a job tab which is mostly distances, and a configuration tab which is mostly I/O

A supervisor can change some of the job but not the configuration

Just look at it

An expert can change all job values

And configuration values

An Operator cannot change the layout of the inkjet or printer, just look at it. No check mark

But a supervisor can

At installation time, in Service/Settings, define where changes can be made from