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Exact Auto Trigger


I have no photocell but want the controller to trigger every 10.4 millimeters, that is with 1/10 of a millimeter precision. This was done in 3.9 P13 mpo.

I want to test a system without wasting paper, no photocell. How do I do that?

How do I setup this configuration?

Check also regular auto trigger in last point.





Make a bridge between the output of trakout and PD1

Make sure the PD1 input is set to NPN (set the jumpers in the I/O card accordingly).

How you know PD1 is set to NPN ? Measure between ground and PD1 when no cable on PD1, you have to measure something between 22 and 24 VDC.

Trackout 1 (e.g. OUT03)   O——————–O  PD 1    (e.g. IN03)


If you want to print only when a switch is on, put a switch between Trackout 1 and PD 1. It will only print when then switch is closed.

Trackout 1 (e.g. OUT03)  O——— \———-O  PD 1    (e.g. IN03)

Below you see an example of output 4 wired to input 4 (wire signal to signal, not to 24 VDC or 0 VDC because you will burn the optocoupler). In this case, set the trackout output to number 4 and the product detect input to number 4.



You see below that IN02 is on when OUT02 is off. If IN02 is NPN, it will be this way. So check that PD1 is the opposite of Trackout 1.



This will “auto-trigger” PD1 (since Trackout 1 is looped back to PD1) every 25+3/10 mm. Notice that you have to add 23 and 3/10 with the 2 mm pulse length.




Auto trigger the output of machine clock and PD1



If the product distance in PD1 is 100 mm, it will set the machine clock output 02 high/low every 100 mm, this output connect to input 02 PD1, will auto-trigger the system. You have to run the shaft encoder but don’t need paper, the inkjet will print.