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EOL Windows 7 embedded SP1 – Windows 10 IoT



When does the support of Microsoft for Windows7 embedded service pack1 end?


October 13, 2020. Check yourself:


Extended Security Update goes maximum to October 10, 2023. See it in


Windows 10 and SuperTracker


GTUS is working diligently on porting the GT software to Windows 10. It will look the same, it will have the same capabilities and it will plug the same so that you do not have to re-train your people or deliver data in another format.

Other companies come out with new software and hardware but forget the basics like how to track a product over 4 belts, drive just 1 or 2 instead of the 45 inkjets, no serial interface support, and use expensive new hardware. We definitely do not want to put out a new controller software that costs more, can do less, needs re-training and is incompatible with data formats and even connectors for photocells/encoders.

One of the big impacts of Windows 10 is that it does not support the ISA bus which is where the proprietary trackers are connected. You will have to buy a new tracker, our solution is the SuperTracker which is basically the same as the tracker but the link is now 1GB tcp/ip. You can select 3 types equivalent to the basic, mailtable, and multiposition tracker.



The good news is that the SuperTracker keeps the same connectors for shaft encoders, photocells, J- boxes, etc. Basically, you can unplug connectors from the tracker and plug the same to the SuperTracker.