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Encrypting 3DES shell



I want to encrypt files into 3DES in PC1, then produce in GT controller.

How do I do that?


Install 3des programs


Take the zip file and install it in c:/3des



Procedure 1: run EncryptFile3DES.exe



After having encrypted at least once in both PC1 and the GT controller, the 3 keys are stored double-encrypted in that PC1. Make sure the same 3 keys are used when doing this, if they are different, it obviously will not be able to decrypt.


The encrypted file will have the ending 3des. Take that file and transfer it to the controller in d:/editorgt/data/address. In the controller, select it and press the [A] button


Procedure 2: run gt_encr_shell.exe


Call up or run:

gt_encr_shell.exe d:/editorgt/data/address/filesource.txt

or in the same directory like shown below. It will produce the file JD01.txt.3des which you want to transfer to d:/editorgt/data/address