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Dynamic Batching Original Data (RND)


We want refer to the father file and print the incom serial number instead of the barcodes read. Please refer to project scope document from IPS

How do I fix this ? This is implemented from version 3.13P46


First, you have to index a database so that the program can retrieve quickly the incom serial number that corresponds to the barcode read when batching.

Call this file always IPS-DB.gt1 and set the M-14 Sort Key to the barcode read. Then Index it with [D]

Remember what the InCommSerialNo says: it is at position 41 and length 10

You want to declare read-bundle-log-rnd job M-15 Match key 1 and set the position 41, 10

Declare the production mode Read-Bundle-Log-Rnd instead of Read-Bundle-Log. This way, the 2 variables will come from an index search in the parent file and will take the text in 41,10.

As before, in the layout of the label, you state {RD1} and {RD2} result. In –Rnd production mode, it will not take the reader 1 result but the result of the random search in the father file.