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Double Head Incjet HP from ArrayGraphics


I want to drive a 2” (8 HP cartridges) inc.jet HP from Arraygraphics. How do I do that ?

This works from GTUS version 3.14 P1k.

Remember, the GT controller just sends the variable data, in horizontal 300 dpi. You have to initialize the inc.jet with the jetgui and print what

Print-go and shaft encoder

You can get the 2 signals from the GT controller, you will have to make a cable.

Add Pablo stuff here


Regular setting. This depends on what the shaft encoder allows you, best results with 300 dpi sharp.

Regular settings but for type, the 2”checkmark and the 2 IP adresses

The type must be licensed

You can layout the whole 2” or 8 cartridges

Below you see the jobs and settings in the inc.jet for reference.