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Do not Update Windows-0xc0000142 from Microsoft



During this latest Microsoft update, following a worldwide publicized chip problem – which does not affect the GT controller, I know of a test controller here and at least of one controller in the field where the GT application does not start as usual, starting the central_controller brings the message.



The reason is that the Microsoft update does not allow the underlying real-time kernel RTX to start.


The maker of RTX is analyzing the situation and a fix is planned in the future.


The most important now is that you do not update the operating system.


If you are down, you will have to reclone the partition C:/ with a prior version. We will an ISO disk for Acronis ghost and a restore for partition C:/ available. Contact  if you need the links to it.


Make sure not to update the operating system


Go to Control Panel/Windows update and make sure with Change Settings to set it on “Never check for updates”.


DO NOT press check for updates.


You should not have the GT-controller connected to the world-wide-web anyway.