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Data for a Prepaid Card Machine


What kind of data is needed ?

Question back:

  • Do you just want to print data ? If yes, a flat file, every record the same length like example 1 is fine.
  • Do you want to group cards in groups of 10, 15 or 100 ? If yes, one has to add a bundle-end sign like the star in example 2.
  • Do you want to make a production log ? If yes, provide a unique control number that will go into the production log for future documentation. The pin can also be used but you don’t want pin information in another file.
  • Do you want to encrypt data ? Ask for the Filehandler.


Example 1 of Data with:

– Just data to be printed. We make fields out of data and assign it to the inkjet

Example 2 of Data with:

  • Grouping (see * every 10 records declared as bundle-end). It is used to make feeder feed in groups of 10 or to signal bin change.
  • Mark done place holder. A Blank space that is filled with a 1 as the file gets produced. This is a double-security to avoid reproducing a record.
  • Pin and Match-Key 1 are the same. A Match-key is what is compared with what the reader (camera or magnetic reader) sends back.
  • Log-String is what is used from the original file in the production log. Usually a unique fragment of the data.