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Connecting to a GT PrepStation


I have a couple of GT controllers and a new PrepStation.

How do I connect them?

1) What you have to know from your LAN

Your network administrator must first install the PrepStation and give it access to the local area network (LAN). Don’t change the names of the controllers or this PrepStation. If you can’t connect, you have firewalls and protections you may want to look at. Your security is not GT’s responsibility.

The GT controller comes with 2 LANs. LAN1 is used for the communication between the GT controller and the GT-Jets, thus it has static IPs 192.168.198.n.
LAN2 is used to connect to the customer network, in tcp/ip properties use “obtain an address automatically” or the system administrator of that company will give you a static IP.
This way the internal LAN1 and the external LAN2 do not interfere !

Don’t call GT or his distributor with such a problem. Your people should be able to establish a connection between PCs.

2) Where do I define the GTs in the LAN

There is a file in D:\EditorGT\user\system called GTs_in_lan.txt which you can edit with notepad. Enter the name of all GTs you want this machine to communicate with in the network. For example:


Both names will searched for when time to transfer data comes. Of course, the PCs must be on and in the Windows Network (point 1).

Make sure with Windows Explorer that partition D is shared and seen in the network with the name D. That is, the program will look for \\GT-2005-0827\D\EditorGT, if you cannot see this with Windows Explorer, make first sure you can by sharing D as stated above (you might need to rename the name to D with explorer). See point 4) below

That holds for the PrepStation but also for each individual controller. That is, if you rather want to make the jobs in the PrepStation and send them down, then just declare GTs_in_lan.txt in the PrepStation. If you want to allow the factory floor to move jobs and data around, define also a GTs_in_lan.txt in the controllers themselves.

3) How do I transfer jobs and data

Usually, people first install a controller and later a PrepStation. Thus, the first thing you want to do is to upload the most complete configuration of every controller you have on the factory floor. Since you can name every configuration as you please, use names that make sense to you like your own line number plus the job number.

4) How do I make a D drive