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Connecting a Labeler


I have a labeler that I want to connect to your controller. I mean, instead of the photocell that comes with the labeler, I want to trigger it from the controller

How do I do it?

What you have to know from the labeler

The controller will only trigger the labeler using the GT tracking. That is, you can set a trigger X pulses after a reference (Product Detect 1 or Synch-Point 1), like you would setup an inkjet print-go or a camera trigger. Furthermore, you can trigger the labeler always or depending on your data file. Even more, you can “not label” products that have become bad (or RED) to save labels.

It is quite easy, add the object called trackout (short for tracked output) to your configuration

You have to know the input in the labeler that receives the photocell trigger. The controller will provide a push/pull output. It is important to do it right because you can burn an optocoupler in the GT I/O box. Yes, an optocoupler (can be replaced), the relay would be too slow.

What you have to define on the controller

Below you see the trackout. It triggers 500 mm after the product passed Product Detect 01 for 150 mm. You can do speed compensation if you see that the placement moves with the speed of the line (usually done in webs) but let it 0 for now

In the type, if you want a trigger with every product that passes, select the type “Control”. If you want a trigger that does not trigger if there is a “0” or a “ “ (space) in the data column, otherwise it will trigger it, people usually use “0” for no trigger, “1” for trigger.

Number is whatever output number you take to trigger the reader. OUT 04 is just an example
Logic is normally positive. That is, the pulse goes from 0 to 24 V.
Length is Track.
Type is push/pull.
Not the bad is to suppress the trigger if the product has become bad

Define M-13 trackout if you want to connect it to the data. In the Example below, you will get a trigger every tenth product because there is a ”1” every 10 products:

How Can I test it?

Take all other objects from the line and leave just the trackout. The controller should trigger the selected output when the product is under the labeler (of course you have to set the right distance to the right reference).