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CFS serial connection to check duplicates


I want to connect serially to another PC or application to connect to a Business Application that allows me to divert a product, even stop the machine upon a duplicate.




Select the serial board and port through which you want to send what happens. The mode is taken from the file d:/editorgt/modes.txt.



RS232: 38’400, 8, N, 1


Controller to Application:


When going into production:


m=mode selected in machine. Digit from 1-…

t=text like a baorcode

filename= name of file being produced


When a reader gets a result from reader:


n=reader number

r=reference, GT fifo position from 0-1023

READING=whatever the reader reads


When the product reaches the last product declared in the controller:


r= reference, GT fifo position from 0-1023

state= 0 is OK, 1 is error


Application to Controller:


exit<CR>: will hard stop the machine

divert,r<CR>: will divert product referenced (0-1023)

restart<CR>: will restart machine, that is, take the stop away

stop<CR>: will soft stop the machine

any other<CR>: will log what is sent