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Cause in Production Log


What does cause mean in the production log ? Remember you have a file for each card and one for just the bad cards.

Grading comes from a grading reader like a barcode grader.

Log string is any string in the database you want to be added to the production log for future reference. Like job number, client number, file number, etc. Define it in FileView: M-30 Log String.

For example:

a) C1 means error from camera 1. Error: quality not enough, length, question marks in camera string, etc.
b) D2 means that product did not reach window in product detect 2, usually a photocell. Probably lost on its way there.
c) RP1 means that product did not reach window in reorder point 1, may be a photocell after the UV lamp dryer. Probably stuck to the dryer.
d) F10: product bad because feeder 10 did not feed.
e) G1: product did not make it to the Grader 1 limit. Grading is below input limit.
f) J2: product bad because Inkjet 2 went down during production.
g) L1: product bad because reader sent a value below input limit. For example, there is no label on the product.
h) M1: the GT does match what is printed back to the database to ensure synchronicity. In this case, for some reason (for example the camera read a 3 instead of an 8. May be just a camera setting issue), the inkjet printed something different than supposed.
i) S1 means that product did not reach window in synch point 1, may be a photocell before the inkjet. May be a JAM if the record numbers are consecutive.
j) X: a stop coming from the machine itself. This is only if the external stop signal is connected.

What happens if first we have a matching error M1 and later a reorder point error R2?

The first error M1 is logged.

Note on unverified personalized and unverified not personalized, error cause “P”:
Assume you are producing with a card line and someone hits the emergency button and gets out of production in the controller. Some products will have passed the last object (usually the gate) and will be marked normal. However, some products will be between the inkjet and gate (personalized but not verified) and some products will be between the feeder and the inkjet (not personalized, not verified). The ones that are not personalized will probably be thrown away because there is no print on them.
Interesting is what the people do with personalized but not verified! What is your procedure?

The files are stored in d:/EditorGT/user/statistics