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GTUS has been a leader in this industry since the early 2000’s. There are literally hundreds of our system controllers and printers on Card Personalization Systems all over the globe. Our powerful GraphTech system inkjet controller with over 5,000 systems sold is capable of not only driving our printers, but also many other third-party printers from Domino, Videojet, HP and many more.

GTUS offers a number of fully integrated systems including our RoadRUNNER systems that have the capability to feed cards of various sizes with options for magnetic encoding, label application, corona treatment, hot-melt gluing for card and carrier attaching, camera verification, and card reject management. (Offer links to the systems and or the videos)

RoadRunner III Series

From the company that was one of the first to offer controllers and printers for cardline machines from CPST, Datacard and Ga-Vehren

For optimal card personalization, you need a simple, reliable modular system with customization in different lengths, easy integration into existing systems, and a powerful Windows 10 industrial tracking controller and SuperTracker. Graph-Tech developed the Roadrunner III Series to give you total command of production.

Available as either a stand-alone unit or an add-on to a cardline machine, the Roadrunner III Series allows you to run in-line single-pass personalization and carrier affixing while encoding magnetic stripes top or bottom. It also supports different GTUS commercial inkjet printers such as our eZ-Inkjet series featuring dynamic registration for precise and versatile variable printing.

You can also customize your RFID encoding system to support 10 to 20 antennas and parallel processing of dual-interface RFID cards, as well as financial-card applications to ISO/IEC 14443 specification.

State-of-the-art cameras and barcode grading ensure fast and accurate scratch-off label and carrier placement verification of every product. We also offer custom software for unique or changing applications, as well as a wide range of inks including clear and fluorescent for both UV and LED curing.

Additional Assets To Your Production
  • Your choice of simplex or duplex system with turnover and realignment section
  • 600dpi print at 54mm, 65mm and 108mm wide up to 30,000 cards per hour
  • High-speed label applicator for large-capacity rolls
  • Hot-melt glue application
  • Plasma-corona substrate treatment
  • 8’, 10’ and 12’ air-transport table with registration and reject gate with lockbox

Plus, with our complete in-house resources, you have access to all the parts, consumables, training and support you need. Call (772) 569-0066 today to further discuss how the Roadrunner III Series can impact your production of personalized cards.

  • Prints at 600 dpi at up to 30,000 cards per hour!
  • Solidly built high-performance transport with enhanced vacuum, and servo-driven consistency.
  • Custom software for unique and changing applications.
  • Parts, consumables, support. and training are handled directly by GTUS®.
  • Standard and custom inks in all colors including clear, fluorescent for both UV and LED curing.
  • Support for many printers including GTUS® eZ-Inkjet®, GT-JET printers, Domino Bitjets, Videojet printers and many more.

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